It’s planning time!

Spring is in the air and it is planning time once again! I’m talking with organizers in various countries about the next year. I am planning to do a bit more in the Netherlands and in Berlin so I will have to travel less to other countries and cities. Soon the dates and places of the new short and long training programs will be announced in a newsletter.

Welcome to the renewed website!

At last – the new website is online! It is not yet completely finished and some small things will still be added or changed, but the work has advanced enough to proudly say it is ready. If you, user, find a mistake or some link or system that doesn’t seem to work, please send me notice of it. Christiaan (the web designer) and I appreciate support that will help us to get the bugs out.

On the english page, the book page still needs some work, that will be done soon. On the Dutch page we have added links that enable visitors to buy books online, for the english page we still have to solve a few small puzzles before we can install links like this too.

The trainings page has undergone many changes – the list itself is now simpler (just dates, place and title) but you can click on a group of your choice to find the name and contact info of the organizers and read some additional information.

We hope you enjoy the new site!


CD news

Until now, four CD’s have been produced: Altar, Kusjanga, Samuch/Side by Side and Walk around the Sun. Recently the last copies of Walk around the Sun have been sold, and all of the four are now completely sold out. Luckily, two CD’s  (Side by Side and Walk around the Sun) are available as downloads from
It has become tradition that as soon as a CD’s is sold out, I make a new one. This winter I will go back to the studio and start recording again. The new CD will be a return to purely shamanic singing. Next to my own instruments I will use orginal shaman drums and rattles from Siberia, Mongolia and North America. In the studio I will do some healing sessions for clients, and some fragments of the recordings of those sessions will be used for the CD.
For now, the working title of the CD is ‘Ing‘, the name of the rune that is linked to seed, undefined potential and new life. More news and updates will be posted on the site and in the newsletter!

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TV Interview

January 2012 I was interviewed by Renate McNay for Conscious TV. The interview is about one hour long. Unfortunately, at this moment, the interview can not be displayed on iPad because Flash can not be installed there. We are looking for a solution…